• Tops are 1 7/8” material with 3mm edge banding.
  • Other edge banding is 3mm PVC material.
  • Doors and drawers are full inset with top reveal and have PVC edge banding.
  • 3" toe kick.
  • 1/8" black shadow strip on end panels


Montreaux Series

The Montreaux Series is versatile and flexible, allowing you to reshape your workspace when you want.  This clean, stylish series includes desks and storage with high caliber finish and fabric options.



We believe you should get the furniture you want, built exactly to your needs. That's why we continue offering infinitely customizable options and features in all of our furniture lines. Our designers work with you to create furniture with your choice of color, texture, shape, and size. 



Configurations and Specifications

All our furniture comes in standard sizes but can be customized to meet your needs for depth, width or height. We pride ourselves in being able to make a wide variety of sizes and shapes for furniture, including custom cutouts and other special requests.



All desks come with shadow stripping between desk top and end panel. Standard size ranges for depth is 20"-36" , Width 40'-72" and height of 29".


Desk Shapes

The following are our standard desk shapes. We can manufacture any shape you design.

Bridges and Returns

We manufacture our bridges and returns with knee relief support and are sized to match accompanying top.


Pedestals – We provide any combination of files, boxes and pencil drawers in our pedestals.

Files – Standard size ranges for depth is 20"-34", Width 30"-45" and height of 29"-55".

Credenzas – Any configuration of drawers and doors.

Bookcases – Any configuration of shelves and doors. Standard size ranges for depth is 10"-24", Width 30"-72" and height of 30"-72".

Hutches – Any combination of shelves and doors. We have the option to add different door types such as wood edge with glass inserts and aluminum edge with glass inserts.

Wallmounts – Standard height is 16.5" and depth is 15" and constructed out of 3/4" material. Any configuration of doors and open shelves.

Wardrobes – Our wardrobes are versatile and have many combinations of drawers, shelves and doors. Uses range from office storage to professional sport team lockers.